The week in drawings.

Out of all the interests I used to have when I was younger, drawing is the one I’ve always most regretted dropping. There is something really nice about doing something with my hands that isn’t typing or clicking, and creating something, watching an image build up as I add more and more strokes of ink or charcoal to a piece of paper.

A week ago I decided that whenever I had an emotion that wasn’t productive (such as sadness or anger that doesn’t lead anywhere), I would occupy myself by drawing until it goes away. And it’s worked out pretty well. My skills are still where they were when I stopped at the age of 14, but I feel motivated to actually improve now.

Below is (nearly) everything I’ve done this week, with nothing but a BIC pen and a cheap notebook that also holds quotes and writing exercises. It’s not great art or particularly skillful, but a nice overview of the amount of work that can be achieved in one week.


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