“Don’t just drink coffee – buy something!”

Today was Valentine’s Day, and while I refuse to feel bad about being single on this random day in particular, I felt it was a good a day as any to take myself on a date. My new camera arrived this week, and I still have no clue how to use it, but I took it with me to explore Shoreditch, especially Brick Lane and Columbia Road Market.

I’d never been there before, not to look around at least, and … it’s certainly an interesting place. Shoreditch has one of the highest child poverty rates in the country, and when I walked into a corner shop on Brick Lane to buy water, my eyes fell on magazine shelves that held nothing cheaper than £6. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been in a corner shop that stocked LOVE magazine at all.

Columbia Road Flower Market is my idea of hell, but was made better by the traders there – the title for this blog post came from a man trying to sell a house plant. At the end of my walk I sat down in Ziferblat, where you pay for the time you spend there rather than the food and drink you consume. It’s a nice little place with a good atmosphere, and a fun idea.

I’m not sure I’ll be coming back very often, but it was an interesting day, with a lot to see and a lot to photograph. Also, pancakes.

Pancake breakfast with Harold Pinter’s “Old Times”. Lots of work to do, lots of lines to learn.
Spitalfields Market


Columbia Road Flower Market, where the flower-coffee cup ratio must be around 2:1.
Adam Beattie, who now has at least two new followers (the little kid and myself)


Valentine’s Day bouquets; loads still left at the end of the day.
Post-walk resting and journaling in Ziferblat.



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