Day 1. So it begins…

Today we are 2 months into 2017.  That’s exactly 59 days since I woke up … um, not exactly fresh-faced, but still determined to improve my life and become a more useful member of society. (Yes, I make resolutions. January always gives me a boost in morale, might as well use it.)
It hasn’t been going so well. After a few personal setbacks (urgh, always this life thing getting in the way!) I am still stressed, unhealthy and all-over-the-map unproductive.

Here’s what I’d like to do with my life:

  • my job well
  • write and read more
  • take care of myself in a way that makes me feel less blobby
  • spend time with the wonderful people in my life
  • do the work I’m not getting paid for (i.e. creative commitments) well
  • figure out what I’m good at and how I can use it for the greater good (big question right there)
  • wake up in the morning feeling excited for the day ahead

Here’s what I am doing with my life:

  • stress out
  • spend every free minute on Youtube
  • check Instagram 135 times a day
  • buy stuff (notebooks, art supplies, exercise gear) like having things will magically turn me into someone who uses them
  • wake up in the morning, see the state of my bedroom and turn around again

My New Year’s resolution for 2017 was to figure out a way to prioritise my life, so I can stop spreading myself too thin and half-arsing things that are important to me. It hasn’t happened by itself (shock!), so this March, I’m making it happen.

FOR THE MONTH OF MARCH 2017 (at least), I WILL:

  • NOT buy anything that isn’t
    • edible
    • necessary for upkeep of body or house
    • a present
    • an experience that involves another person (e.g. cinema tickets)
  • NOT use the internet
    • between 9pm and 7.30am on weekdays
    • for more than 2hrs on weekends
  • As an extra rule, I also limit myself to one Youtube video per day.

(The internet rules might change. They’re tailored to my levels of addiction and self-discipline but if they are as generous as they feel I’ll tighten them.)


  • read and write
  • declutter my possessions
  • have experiences
  • have a long hard think about what I’m planning to do with this year

Every project needs a name, so I’ll call this the Spring Clean! (I so hope the weather catches up soon and that name starts to feel appropriate.)

I’ll be doing daily check-ins here because a) it’s good writing practice and I don’t think anybody still reads this blog anyway so I can do what I waaaaaaant and b) this way I can hold myself accountable, AND c) I’ve never finished a monthly challenge, so how awesome would it be to do 31 blogposts in 31 days?

So here we go.


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