Day 7. I should probably mention Minimalism


In the past few days, I’ve linked to minimalists’ websites twice, so I suppose I should address that?

I came across the concept of Minimalism several years ago (back when Colin Wright had about 50 things), and have always found the idea of owning less stuff quite appealing. I tend to accumulate things (I like buying things, and I have unlimited access to books through work). Those things often clutter up my life, taking up mental energy as well as space.
(Example: Right now I’m sitting on my bed typing this. If I look to my right, I see two boxes stacked underneath my desk that can’t go anywhere else, a half-full donation bag, and a chair that I brought into this room not knowing it would already come with a chair. The sight of all this makes my skin crawl.)

When I moved into my current living space, I had to get rid of about half my possessions to make them all fit, so I did read Marie Kondo’s book and got a lot out of it. The stuff came creeping back in once I got settled, but the seed was planted, and I’ve been reading about the concept ever since.

Essentially, the point of minimalism is to declutter one’s life (possessions, consumption of media/food/etc, relationships, and so on) to remove the unnecessary and make space for the valuable and meaningful.

That means owning less stuff (because stuff weighs you down even by looking at it; that second chair is killing me right now, urgh), wasting less time with things that aren’t meaningful (like spending 2-3 hours a day watching Youtube videos, ahem), and instead using the time and space to cultivate relationships, hobbies and passions.

I already know I’ll never go “full minimalist”, whatever that means (I have some old journals that neither “spark joy” nor “add value”, but throwing them away would feel like shaving off my eyebrows), but the concept itself is very appealing and pretty much what this month is based on – reducing distractions, and sorting through what’s left.


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