Day 8. A recap of Week 1

We’ve made it through the first week!

It’s been interesting so far:

Not spending money
This has been going well. I still spend whatever I like on food (as long as I stay on budget), so I’m not really missing anything. I still window-shop, and have found myself on a couple of online stores just to check things out. But not being able to buy anything at the moment feels like a kind of relief – that I will not have to worry about where to put the thing, that I will not have to feel bad about maybe spending money I could’ve saved. It’s quite nice just to have that option removed; I don’t have to actively decide not to buy it.

Internet restrictions during the week
These are both tough and aren’t. On days when I’m busy (like today and yesterday) there isn’t much time to do anything unproductive on the internet. On days when I’m home in the evenings, I’m in danger of falling into the black hole of browsing, but that’s only the case on a couple days a week.
I often pick up my phone just to put it down again immediately because I can’t do anything anyway.
No internet/screens after 9pm I’m dead tired by 10 and often fall asleep at that time. No late nights at the moment.

Internet restrictions on the weekend
2 hours were more than enough last weekend, even though I spent a lot of time at home. Instead I spent that time productively, mostly writing and reading. I did max out my two hours on both days, but felt slightly icky about it because about an hour each day seemed wasted on Netflix. The upcoming weekend will be interesting, as I’ll have to go online for research. That might have to be scheduled in addition to my free 2hrs… Let’s see if I can focus.


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