Day 12. Little victories

Today, two things happened:

1) I went up in front of a large group of people (30 at least, I didn’t count) and read a poem to them. One I wrote.
2) I sent an essay I’ve written out to an online magazine in the hope that they’ll publish it.

Both of these things are scary as hell for me. Both are pretty low-stakes actions (the poem is just one of many in an event that has no recordings, and the essay will be anonymous), but nevertheless, making the first step, and the possiblity of being judged – for my writing, no less – that’s taken quite some time to come round to. And I’m not sure I would’ve had anything worth submitting in either case if I hadn’t made writing a priority recently.

In other news, I have tonsillitis and am falling asleep as I type, so… good night.


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