Day 14. Running

If you see me wearing pink, you can be sure I bought the thing for performance

A couple of weeks ago I went through my belongings, asking myself what I still needed and what I didn’t. I came across an entire box full of exercise gear: half yoga clothes, half running clothes. The yoga clothes I use several times a week, but the running clothes – I can’t even remember buying them. Must’ve been years ago. There are layers for every weather, even though I only remember ever having run in the summer. It’s a mystery.

Either way, I asked myself: Do I need this? Does this add to my life?
And the answer was: not right now. But… I don’t want to throw these away, because I really want to start running.

And there we had it. I don’t just think I should be running. I actually want to.

Within the past two weeks, since that realisation, the planets have slowly aligned. When I had an extra credit on Audible I didn’t know what to do with, I downloaded Alexandra Heminsley’s “Running Like A Girl” (which I so thoroughly recommend). The weather has finally turned towards spring. Thanks to my new colleagues, half of the talk I hear at work is about running. Then last week, they started talking about a half marathon we could do as a team… 

It is time.

Yesterday, I signed up for the Winchester Half Marathon in September. Today, I went for the second run of my training plan. I’m booking a physio appointment to see what can be done about my dodgy hip, which is the reason I’ve always stopped running in the past.

According to Alexandra Heminsley, in order to run you just have to decide that you can. I’ve decided I can do a half marathon.


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