Day 16. A recap of week 2

We’ve made it halfway through the month! Wohoo!

Let’s see how it’s going:

Not spending money
Is still surprisingly easy. Since I buy food as usual, I have no problems socially as long as I’m on budget with my eating out-money. Other than that, no shopping cravings; I’m quite happy I’m not spending money and that decision has been taken away from me.
There’s been some window shopping for theatre costumes and running gear, but I feel very content just looking rather than buying so far.

Internet restrictions during the week
This is hard in the mornings. Really hard, actually. Before I decided to stop, I would wake up in the morning, turn off my alarm and immediately get on Instagram. I still feel that need every morning and it’s actually difficult to make myself get up; checking my feeds is such an integral part of my morning routine that I literally struggle to find another reason to get up. I make myself write these blog posts instead, but creating is so much harder than just casual consuming while sipping my coffee…
Interestingly, thinking about it – there isn’t much to see online, though. It takes me 5 minutes to read my RSS feeds, and since Youtube is limited … I wouldn’t really know what to do with internet access. Maybe I need to rethink my morning routine altogether.

Internet restrictions on the weekend
SO HARD. The black hole of Netflix is calling my name. This upcoming weekend it’ll be much easier as I have things planned, but last weekend was hard. Especially on Sunday, when I was feeling ill and tired, I really struggled. I am trying to eliminate the “background noise movie” though: I have this tendency to put on a video (Youtube or Netflix) and then leave it in the background as I start to do other things. Since I’ve limited the videos I allow myself to watch anyway, I now actually sit down to watch them. (Last Sunday I watched “Girlfriend’s Day” on Netflix, which is a fun little movie and you should see it.)

In other news
I don’t know; this might have more to do with spring and other things, but I feel a little bit … happier? Could be a phase, but I find myself reaching out to people much more than I usually do. My frantic “planning” has gone down (even though I actually have things to plan for now, like, uhm, a half marathon) and my desire to “do” has gone up.
We’ll see if that sticks.


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