Day 20. I broke the rules


I broke my internet rules yesterday. I’m pretty sure my total time must’ve up to about 3hrs instead of 2, because there was a movie on Netflix I wanted to finish.

Here’s why I don’t feel bad:
This weekend was a busy one. I went out to meet people, I exercised (a lot), and I finally did a painting I’d been wanting to try for quite a while. I did all these things because I wanted to, I didn’t need to be online for them, and when I came home feeling very tired, a movie was what I wanted.

When I came up with these rules, the goal was to create space: space to do the things that felt productive and more fulfilling than being stuck on Youtube for hours (and really Youtube is the root of all evil here; without it, my risk of wasting hours online is strongly diminished). That is what happened this weekend, and if I want to watch a movie (without constantly changing tabs to browse, may I add), that’s fine.

My next weekend will be less busy and more indoors-y, so the rules will be back in place to ensure everything gets done.


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