Day 22. Recap of Week 3

We’re nearly there, folks.

No spending
This is still beautifully easy, I never would’ve thought how easy after the spending frenzy that was February. I still do the odd bit of window shopping, largely for running gear and theatre props, but that’s about it so far. I have everything I need. (In fact, a clearout is ahead this weekend. I have more than I need.)

Internet restrictions during the week
This has gotten a little less hard thanks to running. Before I started, I used to go to a Monday morning yoga class; now I have two additional days on which I run in the morning. Making myself face the cold morning air is a different mental struggle, but it keeps me off the internet. On the evenings when I can, I cherish my early bed times.

Internet restrictions during the weekend
As I said, I slipped a bit last weekend when I was watching movies. I’ll sort that out over the coming weekend, but the general idea still stands: (far) less Youtube, limited aimless browsing (each time I do this, I give myself a 10-minute window and so far that’s worked), no distractions when a movie is on.

This week is a busy one. I’ll do my best to keep writing (because I’d really like to say I made a blog post for 31 days in a row.), but there’s little time to reflect on intentional living when so much living is going on.


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