Day 23. Don’t break the chain, apparently

I’ve had a very angry couple of days. I’ve been angry at myself, at friends, at people I work with. I’ve been the cynical kind of angry where I assume people to be bad and selfish, and judge their actions accordingly. It’s my least favourite kind of angry (and also the most likely kind I am to feel, because mental health reasons), so experiencing it seemingly out of the blue is a little scary.

I wasn’t this angry before, I’m not normally this angry. I have no reason to be this angry, Except … that I haven’t meditated in 3 days.
Is this possible? Is it possible to have withdrawal symptoms from meditating, after only doing it for a month?

This morning I did a quick Google on “meditation withdrawal symptoms”, and among a lot of tips on how to use meditation to combat withdrawal symptoms (duh), I came upon a forum thread discussing exactly what I’ve been feeling: unreasonable crankiness, mood swings, and all that.

It’s mind boggling that this could happen to me after only 26 days of meditating (that was my longest streak ever, too … sigh), but it seems to be the case. My brain has gotten used to those fifteen minutes of silence. So today, before I left the house, I sat down and listened to my breathing. Over the past 10 hours I have felt motivated, alert, and emotionally stable, more than at any point in the last week or two.

Well. Maybe there’s something to it after all.


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